Custom Designed Rings

Every ring is custom designed to meet each of our clients desires. We use only the finest materials to create truly beautiful pieces of art.

Pendants & Necklaces

Using the highest quality of gemstones, beads and materials, our pendant and necklace portfolio speaks for itself.

Eyeglass Designs

Every pair of glasses is handmade with precious metals amd gemstones. Special attention is given to finely crafted details and custom designed to fit the wearer's face.

Unique Custom Designs

Our collection of designs includes a vast array of jewelry making techniques and the highest of craftsmanship.

Jewelry Classes

We take a hands-on approach with all of our teaching techniques. Many of our students accomplishments are featured.

Items For Sale

All gemstones and jewelry pieces are of the highest quality.

Started working in father's sheetmetal shop as a kid
Took Jewelry and Art classes at David Douglas High School under Monrad Bjorge
Served a formal 5 year union apprenticeship working with old world master craftsmen at Zell Bros. Jewelers
Worked at Zell Brothers for 16 years
For 7 years, was owner and operator of Zell Bros. Custom & Repair Shop
From 2001 to present, Tim has traveled nationwide designing and creating high-end pieces for major retailers
Featured in "A.J.M., "Modern Jeweler" and "J.C.K." Magazines
Considered by professional jewelers as the Go-to-Guy for high-end gold, platinumsmithing, casting, model, mold making, challenging gemstone setting and old master techniques

Started creating jewelry in 1969
Second generation artist
Jewelry studies in High School
Graduated early to study Art at the University of Oregon
Majored in Jewelry and Metals
Liturgical Silversmith
Served Formal Apprenticeship in Jewelers' Union
First woman Journeyman Bench Worker in Union
Worked in various trade and manufacturing shops
Instrumental in building the Portlandia Statue
Operated custom jewelry workshops in Oregon, Minnesota, and Louisiana
Zell Brothers Jeweler for 7 years
Best known for complicated Fabrication, Engineering clasps and Mechanisms
Skilled in Raising and Repousse
Currently teaching private students


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